Monday, 1 September 2014

 Following are  the inner results of  good human beings and they are also good personality development.
     Good behavior  -  This can be achieved  only when you decide to achieve the same.
                                 Someone achieves this through  contact with good people.
                                 Someone keeps his childhood nature of good behavior throughout
                                 his life.  Some people spoil the good behavior when they come in
                                 contact with mischievous / bad people in behavior

·Kindness           -    This comes from your inner heart .
                                 If  somebody wants to show his kindness to someone,
                                 he should study first about the person, his situation and his reality
                                 so that a tricky one does not  take advantage of  the  inner heart fruit
                                 of  that  person  in wrong  way or mischievously.  We should act
                                 accordingly, if the situation is so warranted.
·Discipline         -     Discipline is taught from child hood. Some keep up the same
                                 throughout  his life and some  do not.  Discipline is necessary
                                 in every  field , working  and for conduction of some act of
                                 good things for the  mankind.

·Honesty           -     Honesty is proven through work, loyal to someone and many 
                                 other ways

·Helping the needy -  Some people keep helping the needy and poor.  This is good thing
 and poor                    Help the person who is genuinely needy.  


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