Monday, 1 September 2014

 Following are  the inner results of  good human beings and they are also good personality development.
     Good behavior  -  This can be achieved  only when you decide to achieve the same.
                                 Someone achieves this through  contact with good people.
                                 Someone keeps his childhood nature of good behavior throughout
                                 his life.  Some people spoil the good behavior when they come in
                                 contact with mischievous / bad people in behavior

·Kindness           -    This comes from your inner heart .
                                 If  somebody wants to show his kindness to someone,
                                 he should study first about the person, his situation and his reality
                                 so that a tricky one does not  take advantage of  the  inner heart fruit
                                 of  that  person  in wrong  way or mischievously.  We should act
                                 accordingly, if the situation is so warranted.
·Discipline         -     Discipline is taught from child hood. Some keep up the same
                                 throughout  his life and some  do not.  Discipline is necessary
                                 in every  field , working  and for conduction of some act of
                                 good things for the  mankind.

·Honesty           -     Honesty is proven through work, loyal to someone and many 
                                 other ways

·Helping the needy -  Some people keep helping the needy and poor.  This is good thing
 and poor                    Help the person who is genuinely needy.  

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality Development  is  grooming and enhancing ones inner and outer  persona  - a  positive change in persona. Personality development is a kind of characteristic change in an individual.  Having a development of   good communication skill , many abilities and boosting of  self confidence are result of  personality development. The aptitude of  sudden understanding , good appearance , ability to manage , smart handling of difficult situation peacefully are of the best personality.

Some  has the genetic and natural persona   and some persona  are addicted to environment and contacts. Some personality development is the result of the  attitudes and behaviors genetically. Some tries to switch over from   bad behavior and attitudes by developing good one within  and is successful to some extent, but the genetic bad one which lies still there.   By the  friendship/interaction with the people ( good people )  in many walks of  life, you can change your bad habit into a better one to some extent.

The personality development appears in walks , talks and style how one appears and also in good decision making  and good management.

Look to famous people whose personality  were defined to them .Athletes , artists , actors , musicians etc are the people who face daily challenge in their careers  and to succeed they need patience and perseverance. Some are humble despite their success and fame. Humbleness,wherever  necessary,  is  a good personality .  We must have skill to achieve good personality.

Do positive thoughts  about yourself and others. Have a positive thoughts about yourself which generates in you self-confidence and self respect : that is a strong personality.  When you become aware about the nature of your thoughts, the guiding of such thoughts,if needed, will take place in you  in its necessary right direction through positive thoughts effortlessly.

Do not lose a chance to project you truly yourself. We come across  several opportunities in our day-to-day life  which could help ourself  in defining  our personality. That is , if you are in a  conversation with a group  or an individual , you must talk in a way  that you can prove yourself  to others what you are  really.  It does not  matter whether you speak a line or make a speech. The thing which matters is your words. If they are good that give  a  good impact , or otherwise  not. So  your  endeavor  must  always be there for  good impression  by others  about you -  that is good  your personality that impress on others.

Love people as you love yourself  .  Many bad personalities come about  because some do not  want to forgive each others and thus filled with so much inter-personal hates  and all they lack is the insight to forgive and forget whatever may be the cause   of conflict between them.

Ego, enmity,bad friendship,wrong movements,bad behaviors of  many kind also affect in building good personality, be careful , they are the roots of development of bad personality.
Working in social forum for the cause of good things to mankind is also good personality development . Helping the needy poor people is also a kind of personality development. Moving to success with hard work, honesty, determination  also one among the good personally developments.